Me and my sister when last year and it was great. It ask for 2 and 1/2 months almost 3
I never done a waxing buy everyone recommended me to do sugaring and it’s so worth it! I’m in love with my results
Maria is the best! I've been going to organic sugaring studio for more than a year now. I never have a problem with booking an appointment and she's always welcoming and pleasant. The studio is always clean and hygienic and I appreciate that Maria makes a point to know who you are. While waxing can be painful, she makes a point to make sure the experience is a less than a painful one and has definitely talked me through it which I appreciate so much! She's definitely my go to person and I always highly recommend her to my friends when asked about my waxing experience! Thank you Maria!
I have been going to Maria for about a year and a half and she is probably the best person for the job!! I use to do regular waxing and nothing compares to her. I will say that the first couple times did hurt and I did do regular waxing and came back to sugaring and was also in a lil pain. So just stick to Maria!! She's super amazing and very clean. I have brought many of my friends here and they all love her.
Maria did a great job. I was able to see great results and her style of waxing works wonders. Highly recommend.
First sugar wax was a success! I am enthusiast of hard wax for women of color. I swear by it. However, When the craze of sugar wax came along I heard great reviews by women of color and I been wanting to try it (for over 3 years lol). In the DMV you can find estheticians who specialize in sugar wax very easily, thus there are a lot of choices. I'm glad I choose this spot, the staff were welcoming, the salon was modern and clean, and the waxing took less than 20 mins. I wouldn't call the process painless, but after the initial shock it wasn't bad. It's not like hard wax where you can prep yourself for the removal, it's constant applying pulling. Once you get used to the rhythm it's not bad. I recommend this place and if you're a new client check out their Groupon deal.
Never disappointed. I'm surprised at some of the negative reviews. Maria always does a great job and I have extremely sensitive skin and have never had an issue afterwards.
I've been coming to Maria for about 6 months consistently now, she is truly the best at what she does. When I first moved to this area, I jumped around trying a bunch of places, but nobody does a better job than Maria. It's hands down the best place to get sugaring in the area. She makes getting a Brazilian not as terrifying as it usually is. I've also gotten other areas of my body waxed and she has done an excellent job. She is thorough, takes her time and takes pride in her work.
When I first started getting Brazilians- I wouldn't stay with the same waxer until I found Maria! She is so professional, kind, and very skilled at what she does! She is very fast but also very very thorough! Her studio is always clean and sanitary. She is just the best and I would without a doubt recommend her with no reservations!!!
WOW. When people say she's amazing, they are NOT kidding. She is so fast, and it was the least painful sugaring I've ever gotten. She's personable, professional, and above all, extremely precise. She got almost every single hair, and with my native american hair, that's amazing. I get way more breakage than the normal "white girl" and she was very thorough. Did I mention fast?! That woman is a miracle worker, I swear. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. When she got started I was concerned because she seemed to be laying the sugar on in large swatches that I assumed would be painful as all getout...but I was so shocked at how quick she got everything done. I am so so glad I found her through groupon, and when my groupons are done I will be GLADLY paying full price. She's about an hour away from me and I will go out of my way every time, because she's just THAT GOOD.
Best experience ever. First time trying sugaring and Maria was awesome. She ensured I was comfortable as possible and minimum pain
Best sugaring studio to go to! Maria is super nice and makes the entire process easy and not awkward in the slightest. I got an amazing deal on Groupon. I definitely recommend this place for first-timers, or anyone who waxes and has been interested in trying sugaring.