Sugar Waxing

At Organic Sugaring Studio, we specialize in sugar waxing, a safe and gentle process for hair removal that leaves your skin soft and free from hair. When you come to studio, you can expect superior results beyond any that you've ever experienced before. It is a great natural alternative to laser hair removal and lasts longer than traditional waxing.

Pricing as follows:

  • Brazilian: $60.00 for clients that come in every 4 to 6 weeks with no shaving or trimming or Nair use in between sessions with Maria.

  • $90.00 regular price for Brazilian for women that have been to us before but not between the 4 to 6 week requirements in between sessions.

  • Buttcheeks: $45.00.

  • Legs: Full legs start at $120, and then half legs start at $65.00
  • Underarms starting at $25.00
  • Full Arm: Sugaring starts at $50. (upcharge accordingly for men).
  • Half Arm: Half arm starts at $45. (upcharge accordingly for men).
  • Chest: Men starts at $80.00.
  • Back: Men starts at $85.00.
  • Upper Lip: $15.00.

To take advantage of our sugar waxing services and for more information on our prices, please come and visitor call us at Organic Sugaring Studio today!

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